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Learn English and Enjoy English

[作者:Sunny來自:本站原創點擊數: 發布時間:2013年03月20日文章錄入:黃海釗 ]
The Third English Cultural Festival of our school on Dec.13th, 2012 was a tremendous success. Thank you to all who made it possible.
The English Cultural Festival has become a traditional event of our school culture. In the English Cultural Festival, all Grade Five students participated in several performances, including singing, dancing, English drama and English poetry recitations. Our Festival is an opportunity for the students to display their talents, and also a chance for the teachers to enjoy the result of all of their hard work. We hope that this English Festival can be a holiday for all of the students. In addition to this, we hope they can enjoy a pleasant day and have a close touch with English. For those who are not good at English, we hope they could be encouraged to build confidence again. This Festival can surely intend to enrich our school life.
Singing with our foreigh teachers.
The Opening Scene——C. H. I. N. A
One Great Nation----One Great People !
Four professional hosts.
English poem —— I Love You , China
Singing——Hey, Jude
Beatuiful dancers
English drama ——The Zoo With The Audience
Look! We are beatuiful cherry trees.
English Poem——Simple Rules For Success
English drama——The Young Man With 3 Wishes
Singing——Proud of You