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An Introduction to Our School

[作者:宋奕璋來自:本站原創點擊數: 發布時間:2012年03月12日文章錄入:黃海釗 ]

 Foshan Experimental School is a private-operated public school in the charge of Chancheng Education Bureau of Foshan City. It was founded in September 2003, covering an area of 136 Chinese acres. Foshan Experimental School now has 86 teaching classes and 3423 students. It has facilities like magnificent teaching buildings, a modern sports hall, a swimming pool, a 400-meter circular plastic track, and air-conditioned student dormitories, etc. The campus is located within a beautiful and cultured campus. It is a Class I School in Guangdong Province, and a national “Advanced School in Experimenting New Education Initiatives”.
    The mission of our school is “To provide an encouraging and safe surrounding in which to build the foundation for each child and teacher to find enjoyment through education. Thus, allowing each student to progress successfully both academically and personally.” Eight years since its founding, the school has been striving hard to realize the advanced teaching ideas into concrete educational practices. It has adopted methods like expert guidance, peer's mutual support and thematic experiments, in order to build up a team of teachers with great virtues and professional skills. The school also strives hard to create a campus life full of affection and love. It also strives to create various opportunities to improve the students' overall quality and make them enjoy success. Through the fostering of academic atmosphere, emphasis on English learning, cultivating students' special ability, and holding reading festivals, art festival, sports festival and science and technology festival, we make the school into a place which students love to attend. We create a paradise where students grow up with a warm homestead where students feel comfortable. During the past, the school rewarded the Class I School in the Foshan City and the Class I School in the Guangdong Province, and also the Standardized Compulsory Education School in the Guangdong Province. As a result, the student’s enrolment has risen from 412 to 3416 during these eight years. The school has achieved a leap from scale to effect, receiving praise from parents and the general public, becoming a showcase school in Foshan's interflow with overseas countries.

School address: No.20 Lotus Garden Road,Kuiqi Road,Chancheng District,Foshan,Guangdong Province,China.
Tel: 0757-83632016